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The nerdiest way to solve your issues

Improving my life with a rather simple solution

Building a “thing”

One of those times when I actually built a thing...

Building something for fun

Building something to keep my family entertained

Checking on your twitter friends

Checking followers & friends on twitter

Apartment hunting for the lazy ones

Scripting my way to find a new house

Automating my way to a king’s feast

How to use your dev skills to win a feast

Filling a cup with drops of water

The year is 20 something, after some time of struggle with COVID-19, ...

Customize django admin's colors in 5 minutes

A 5 minute guide to customize the colors of django admin

Configuring django to support multiple environments

Learn how to configure your django to support multiple environments

How to keep business logic out of the views in django?

Small guide to help you figure out where to put your business logic in a django project

Project ideas for django to improve your skills

List of ideas to build in django to sharpen your skills

What should be in your SaaS starter kit?

A list of the features of a SaaS that are always the same

Backend developers can make good looking web apps too

Some ways to make good looking web apps if you are not a designer

What to test?

A couple of examples to give you ideas about what to test when you have never written a test before

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