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Building something for fun

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During the holidays, we do mostly two things: eat huge amounts of food and spend a lot of time with our families. With so much time together, people spend time talking, playing games, watching movies and so much more.


My family likes to play trivia quizzes. In the past, we would hook a laptop to a tv and play an old trivia game running on window. Unfortunately, we lost the game and the time came to do something about it. Being a developer, what could be more christmas-y than to build a game? 😇

I wanted something fun, simple to play and to spend only one afternoon making it. I did have a prototype working after one afternoon but eventually spent many more hours improving it.


The project is react app served from an express server locally. To play, all you need to do is navigate to a specific url on your phone's browser. When you first connect, you get to pick a name and when there are at least 2 players, the game starts sending questions. New players can join any time.

The prototype was made to play locally with my family so there no time limit to answer a question, it lets everyone answer, and for every right answer you get a point.

This is what it looks like:

Also, has you can imagine I did not write the questions. I downloaded a dataset of questions and answers and loaded it into the database.

It is always amazing how quickly you can throw something together and in this case, have fun with it.


Every was built with react, mongo, express and css.

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