As many others, this is my "uses" page. It lists the stuff I use on a regular basis. I update it from time to time.


  • Visual Studio Code I used sublime text 2 and 3 before switching to vscode when it became popular;
  • iterm2 Couldn't do anything without this. Might do a post in the future about my setup/dotfiles;
  • Google chrome + firefox Could not leave home without them. Literally Virtually...
  • Fira Code The is probably the best font for coding, at least for me. It supports ligatures so that's an awesome plus!
  • ImageOptim Gotta compress those megabytes down;
  • Franz to keep me somewhat connected;
  • GitKraken and Git Imagine working without version control...


  • Dropbox I don't think this one needs an introduction;
  • BackBlaze If my computer dies, this makes sure I do not loose anything;
  • GitHub to keep my stash;
  • DigitalOcean to host this website and other projects. Before that I used Linode;



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