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The nerdiest way to solve your issues

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I’ve been looking for the next step for my career. At the moment, I’m looking for one of three things:

  • Job;
  • PhD scholarship;
  • Research scholarship.

Finding research scholarships

This article is about the 3rd item on my list: research scholarships. In Portugal, most research scholarships are posted on eracareers but when searching on the website, all types of scholarships (research scholarships for Masters and Bachelors, PhD scholarships, Post-Doc scholarships and so on) are shown together. To aggravate the situation, there is no filter to pick a specific type. This is clearly a small issue but it is annoying enough if you do a lot of research. Here is an example of the results you get when searching for physics:

Search results for the keyword “physics” — eracareers

If you look at the example, you’ll see that not a single one of those results is for someone with a master (what I'm looking for).


Using dotjs, I managed to write some javascript to be injected into every page of the website. This script adds colors based on my own interests (green if good because it is for a masters, red if it is not good). I could have removed the results that were not relevant to me and have my problem solved, but I did it this way instead because of the false negatives. This is something simple but is allows me to look at the results quickly and see what’s available for me. The end results looks like this:

Colorized search results for the keyword “physics” — eracareers

Web customisation

This post is important, not because of the situation I went trhough with eracareers, but to make you realise that you can customize the web as you see fit. Here, I used some javascript to modify the website with dotjs but if you wished to modify a website look, you could inject some custom css with stylebot.

Anyway, my hope is that by telling this little story of mine, next time you find yourself in a situation like this, think about what you can do to solve or at least improve it.

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